Trussell Excavating is a well established company out of Uxbridge Ontario, looking to update their web presence. Their work stems from referrals and being know for their quality work. They simply just wanted somewhere for clients to find them on the web, view there work, learn about the new landscaping section to the company and be able to find their proper contact information and hours. They plan on expanding their Sunderland yard to hold landscape materials available to the public. In which they will be adding to the site information on products and materials.  

Trussell Excavating already had logo but we have now created a branding board for them to use with future marketing. We establish colours and fonts that reflect the company and how they want to present themselves. These design elements are used on the site and will be continued in marketing materials. 

Logo boards are a great reference for the designer to work off of, when creating any further designs for their clients. In this case you can see that the elements are added to the site. Creating branding and expanding the inspirational photos to the suit the clients work. When it is time to expand the landscape division of the site to add products and materials. we can easily add the pages and information for the client to view without having any downtime on the site. 

Continuing with the brand board we created an ad for Trussell Excavating for the local papers, for an award they won. As you can see the design elements like the font and colours have been used to keep with the brand and have he audience recognize and trust the company.

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