Stephanie is already a well established  Massage Therapist, with a large client list, but had decided to venture into a more independent setting for herself and her clients. She was looking for a business start up package. She needed a logo and brand identity to suit her style and the new massage room. She want to have a modern spa feel with lots of stone textures and calming elements.

Once we had the logo and design elements for Stephanie's Branding we moved to creating her business cards and gift certificates as she is often asked for such items so clients can share her skills with there loved ones. We used the rock cut out design with both items but in different colour variations to create easy readability. And keeping with the same fonts and colour choice the to items work seamlessly together, and sit nicely displayed together in the massage room. 

In Stephanie's Business online review and booking are a must for their clientele. Stephanie's website was created to give a fresh modern spa feel, with details on the types of massage she does, and information about herself and where to find her at her new location. It also has online booking making it easy for the client and for Stephanie to keep updated on openings. You are also able to purchase gift certificates, through the website at the clients convince  as well. You can click on the image below to view the website. 

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