Lets talk a little about Google business profile and why I think everyone should have one especially for your growing business. It's definitely a huge help in locating you and contacting you online.

Everyone should have a Google business profile because it comes up when you're searching that particular company and it can have information such as your phone number, your address, your website link, you can even have a cover photo and additional photos of inside in the business. So if you are trying to sell products, you can put images of the product there or if you're trying to get people to come into your store you could have pictures of the store. For example an indoor playground I would have pictures of the playground or a gym would have pictures of inside the gym to encourage people to come into the brick-and-mortar building.

A Goggle business profile works through Google maps so if your customer is looking for a service like yours near them, your company would pop up with a little pin. They can then click on it it'll come up with a little blurb about your business, with all your contact information the location. If they’re on a phone they would be able to click on the phone number and call right then and there. If they need the location of the business then you can then click on the address and it automatically loads into your maps on your phone and you can route it from their phone using GPS taking your client right to your door.

It's also a great help if you have a website because it will have a link to your website. Which will also help you rank higher in Google.

Having a Google business profile not only makes you look professional but it will also tell your customers when you're available. You can put in your hours and that way they know when to call, or if you're brick-and-mortar building they will know if you open or not. You can always go in and change the information at any time it's not hard at all you could do it from your phone. So if any of the information changes, it's quite simple to go in and re-arrange it so that everyone knows what's going on

The following video explains how to set up your profile.

Once you have your business profile on Google they will send you a pin to confirm that this is your business and once you do that you can create a business profile with Google and that will lead you to being able to do Google ads. Google is definitely a great place to start to get your business visible online!

Lets get started!

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