Neil Risebrough Contracting is a well established contracting company out of Uxbridge Ontario, looking to have a web presence. Their work stems from referrals and being know for their quality work of 20 plus years. They simply just wanted somewhere for clients to find them on the web, view there work and be able to find their proper contact information. 

Neil already had a name logo but for the site we wanted to add a icon to have an updated look, we also wanted to establish colours and fonts that would be used in further marketing and online ventures. 

Logo boards are a great reference for the designer to work off of, when creating any further designs for their clients. In this case you can see that eh elements are added to the site. Creating branding and expanding the inspirational photos to the suit the clients work. This site is currently under going SEO to rank higher on google search. As a landing site SEO is most important, and out weight other businesses in the field. And since there is no blog on this site and it is a highly competitive field you want to be seen first. 

For a well known company like Neil Risebrough Contracting, promotional items are a great way to create brand awareness. Using products that suit the contracting industry such as soft tool boxes, measuring tapes, rulers, carpenter pencils etc. Neil can put his logo and branding into future clients hands. Giving them a quality product reflects the quality standards of his company.

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