Creating a landing point on the web for your business or professional online presentation. Linking to all your social media sites and having a contact base for all new and existing clients. With user friendly responsive designs, to target your audience. Your website will reflect who you are, what you do and effectively show your brand identity. 


Print work can include anything from designing a new logo or updated re designing an existing logo. Brand identity to create familiarity to prospecting customers and clients. And of course marketing materials such as Business cards, brochures, handouts, postcards, flyers, tickets, large format signage and much more as every business has different needs. Invitations and announcements for weddings, personal accomplishments, special events and holidays.


Photography is in the eye of the beholder, just like many other media's of art. All Jacked Up photography has a digital edge to capture the viewers interest. Creating stunning, sharp and vibrant photos using many self taught skills. The digitally edited photos created can be printed on large scales, and used in various ways to keep attracting your target market. 











Hello! And Welcome to My Site!


My name is Rebecca, owner and creator of All Jacked up Design. I have been designing for print and working with photography for over 8 years. Now that I am at home with my little guy I have decided to take my career in design to freelancing. I am a skilled graphic designer with experience in web and print design, as well as social media and digital photography artwork. Accustom to producing effective designs in a timely matter, while staying on budget and with in design requirements. I am Motivated team player known for creativity, flexibility and communication. Taking your business to the next level through project management, identifying and solving problems, while working under tight deadlines, still creating and implementing new designs and ideas. I am seeking clients that demand high quality design for their business goals and professional image.





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