Alecia Yarmie is a Registered Massage Therapist that has two locations she works out of. She needed a landing page for her clients so they would know where to find her and which location was better for them. Before creating the site she also wanted to brand her massage business so people would know they are in the right spot, wether it was at the in town or out of town location. She needed more then just a website she needed brand recognition with professional look in her feild.


We started with the logo using images and colour for inspiration. We wanted to keep the spa and wellness feel with a touch of fresh soothing design elements. After many roughs the Alecia Yarmie logo was created with a wellness icon and simple yet stunning name font.

Next we created the business cards knowing that the elements of this design would come from the logo board elements but also carry over into the website. Business cards are an important part of providing business contact and awareness, but for Alecia they at a great way to promote her services at her into location within a salon. This in expensive print marketing tool, can be left near the reception for hair clients to see. And since these clients already use this location there likely hood of contacting her are higher. 

For Alecia's out of town location, signage at the road side is important so clients can find the location and with continuing to use the design elements from the business cards, it is easily recognized. 

And then most importantly the website site was designed with the spa wellness feel and showing both locations and contact with an online booking, that is linked with registered massage therapists online tools. The colours are the incorporated through out the site and the simple sleek design, is user friendly and quick to load. 

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