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Well first off, HI!!!! I'm Rebecca and I will be your go to person for your design 'stuff' if I can't help you I know where we can get it done. I grew up in a small town outside of Toronto on a large Nursery Farm, so we didn't have animals or 'crops' but there were fields of roses and lots of tractors and trucks around. I have also working in the trucking industry for a few different types of companies and I have been a gardener/ landscaper, shovelled snow, and even a pool cleaning chick for a few summers. I telling you this so you can see that I have a background in the working world and I haven't been sitting behind my computer all my life. I understand how things can come up in your business and how for people like you in the trades get your name out there. And I'm guessing you'r here because you need to get online or get visible locally. Well I am here to help!!


You'll love our work. Check it out!


In order to help you grow your business, we can advise you in in the following areas:
Branding is used to create familiarity to prospecting customers and clients. And for use marketing materials such as Business cards, brochures, handouts, postcards, flyers, tickets, large format signage and of course your website. Branding keeps your advertising seamlessly recognizable.
Web Design
Creating a landing point on the web for your business or professional online presentation. Linking to all your social media sites and having a contact base for all new and existing clients. With user friendly responsive designs, to target your audience. Your website will reflect who you are, what you do and effectively show your brand identity.
Promotion of your business can go far beyond print materials and social media advertising. At All Jacked Up Design we offer promotional products that will cater to your business and clientele. They are great way to keep your brand in your customers hands.

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B1390 Conc 4 Beaverton, ON
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E-mail: rtimbers@live.com Phone: 416-529-2994

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